Mad 4 Matcha - Melbourne

Liven + matcha? It's a matcha made in heaven.

We're proud to say that our matcha obsession survived the social media swarm of matcha-everythaaang that went on last year. We've therefore concluded that our addiction is here to stay.

So, we've scouted some of the best matcha dishes and drinks in Melb. Greeeeen with envy? Don't stress. We'll share the goss.


Pabu Grill & Sake


Green tea - the poster gurl for good health and the #detox movement. Somehow, it was decided that it would be a good idea mix Matcha INTO a cocktail, creating a kind-of morally confusing drink. Like, is it still healthy? I don't know, honestly. Tastes good tho.

Comin' in hot - The Matcha Magic cocktail. Served up with an extra smokey reveal for even more magic points.

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Your favourite dessert just got a whole lot greener. This sentence would make most wanna cry - but please, bear with us. Yuzu takes the cheesecake (terrific) and fuses it with the magic of Matcha green tea (also terrific).

1 great thing + another great thing = an even better thing... right? It's best for all if you don't overthink it.

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Kung Fu Burger

(South Yarra)

In the past year, the classic milkshake has been victim to many sugar-filled stacking atrocities. We blame IG. WHAT was wrong with the ordinary choc, strawberry, lime, and vanilla? They did us fine.

Kung Fu Burger shakes things up (but in all the right ways) with a very green Matcha and red bean milkshake. While milk is often among the few things we do not want to be green - we're very ok with this creation. It deserves a place among the shake greats. Matcha is the new strawberry (?).

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White Mojo


Could we talk about Matcha without mention of a latte? Naaaaah. Matcha lattes are everywhere now - and whenever we get a bad one it ruins our entire day. Real life tears.

We put all of our faith in White Mojo when it comes to the matcha latte. It's perfection. In the form of a hot, green liquid...

Charisma Workshop


There's much-a matcha happening here at Charisma Workshop. Matcha cakes, iced matcha, a matcha brioche burger and matcha chocolates.

Our favourite? The Charisma Waffle - topped with mixed berry compote, seasonal fruits, raspberry crispy, matcha white chocolate shaves and homemade matcha icecream.

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Matcha love,