🍔 How To: Referring Your Way to Free Food Forever! 🍻


The otherworldly goal of unlimited free food is here, and all you have to do is spam that contact list with referral codes (and free burgers), are you up for the challenge?

Refer your mates and they'll get $10 Liven Cash towards their first meal - plus - you'll be automatically rewarded with $10 once they've paid.

Under the 'Profile' tab, tap 'Give $10, Get $10' to find your unique 5 character referral code.

This code is unique to your account, and can be used to refer an unlimited number of friends, family or anyone else.

Here are some ways for you to refer a friend that cost you nada:

1. Share on Social Media

Instagram, Messenger, Snapchat, WeChat, Facebook... you name it. You can slap that code pretty much anywhere. We think this is the most effective way to get that code of yours out there!

2. Mass Message

We're not encouraging you to be one of thoooose people. (But also, we are.) Send messages through Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram, or even Slack. The link in your default message opens up a browser that invites you to download the app - already all linked up with your referral code!

3. IRL

Talking is still a thing. If you're with a friend, you can give the $10 right there and then. Just get them to download and enter your code!

How does your friend use your code?

  1. Have them download Liven.
  2. Under the 'Profile' tab, tap 'Add Promo Code' and apply the referral code.
  3. Now, they can just order and hit 'Pay Now'. The credit will be applied!
  4. You'll get your credit after their first spend!

Get ready to rake in that referral cash. 😎