Best Halal Places In Melbourne


Thanks to the cultural melting pot that is Melbourne's culinary scene, you can sample halal food at some of the cities top eateries. We’ve done the hard yards to bring you our pick of the best halal spots in the city.

Please note that not all of the venues listed are 100% halal and some may serve alcohol. If you’re in doubt, give the restaurant a buzz before heading there.

1. Gazi

Melbourne CBD

If you like Greek style, you’ll loove Gazi. Gazi is a halal gem in Melbourne CBD, everything except their lamb offering is certified halal.

It’s traditional Greek with a modern twist, featuring great food, a buzzing atmosphere and a spectacular roof display of terracotta pot plants. Oh and there's saganaki a plenty, because you can never have too much cheese.

You’ll be gazi-ng (sorry) in awe over the prawns with kataifi pastry, aleppo mayo, smoked almond, honey and creme brulee for dessert, ughh.

2. Zam Zam

Melbourne CBD

Zam Zam is home to delicious Indian and also Malaysian food (a double whammy) served in a casual, comforting space perfect for a low key meal out.

Get your vindaloo on, or your butter chicken, or your chicken tikka masala, choose from literally all of the classics and feel good knowing the whole menu is halal certified.

Found on Lonsdale Street in the CBD, Zam Zam is a staple for authentic south asian food, and at a zam-azing price (sorry again).

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3. PappaRich

Various Locations

Serving Malaysian hawker food, PappaRich gives peace of mind by always maintaining their Halal certification.

The casual atmosphere is a perfect companion to the sweet, sour and flavourful food on offer. Sample the nasi lemak, nasi biryani and char kuay teow for some of the signature flavours of Pappa. But don’t expect to have a three hour sit down at a quiet venue, this is more an ode to the buzzing street markets of malaysia, with lots of happy chatter and plates moving swiftly to and from tables. Just don't try to haggle.

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4. Moroccan Soup Bar

Fitzroy North

Moroccan Soup Bar is an uber popular, laid back, all halal restaurant in the heart of Fitzroy that has been churning out moroccan style fare to hungry Melbournians for the last 20 years.

Dining at Moroccan Soup Bar is about more than just amazing food – it’s an experience for the senses. The set menu is just $25, and although there is no menu to peruse, have complete faith because each course gets better and better. Look out for the banquet standout, the layered chickpea bake. Cue drools.

Moroccan Soup Bar accepts bookings for parties of 6 or over so be prepared to wait, but for this halal paradise it is totes worth it.

5. Lord Of The Fries

Hawthorn & Melbourne CBD

Lord Of The Fries offers yummy halal fare, fast food style. Open 24 hours, you can grab yourself a burger, fries, hot dog, or even a brekky bun at any time of day or night (no judgement).

Bring your meat eating friends along to try the burgers, the halal patties are made from textured vegetable protein designed to mimic the look and taste of real meat and they are pretty damn tasty, sans fat.

Some honourable mentions also being the world class fries and the phish burger; lightly battered and deep fried vegan phish topped with vegan cheese, lettuce, onion, pickle, aioli and pickle relish.

Thank the Lord it's halal, vegan and also kosher. You can call me Lady Of The Fries (last one, I promise).

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