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Meet... Maggie!

💻 At Liven I work in social media and content strategy. That basically means I get to write and have a lot of creative fun. Also, there's the occasional office dog, which is a bonus.

💤 In my spare time, I run my own blog, go op-shopping, take a lot of naps and watch too much Netflix.

🍔 My favourite food is burgers. Hands down, the answer is always burgers.

🎧 Right now, I'm listening to the newest Arctic Monkeys album – I'm still obsessed. Also, I'll chuck on Glass Animals, Childish Gambino or classic '80s music to put me in a good mood. I'm always down for a good boogie.

Here are my favourite place to eat on Liven...

Alice had her Wonderland, Dorothy had her land of Oz, Potter had his Hogwarts. I, my friends, have food. With Melbourne as my playground, I’ve created my dream (food) day. Expect less Mad Hatters and yellow brick roads, and more burgers and ice-cream. This list is jam-packed with my all-time favourite Liven feeds.

So, sit back, close your eyes (well, maybe don’t because then you won’t be able to read) and prepare for your mouth to salivate and your stomach to rumble.



(Elizabeth St | Melbourne Central | Highpoint | Box Hill | Chadstone)

Apart from sticking, “now watch me whip, watch me nae nae” in my head for hours on end, Nene Chicken are ticking all the right boxes. When Koreans have their way with fried chicken, solid gold is created. Solid, solid gold.

You should try…
Okay, so Nene are revered for their hell-breathing, eye-watering, spicy, SPICY chicken. But embarrassingly enough, I’m that one friend that is ragged on for my inability to stand any bit of spice. You know the one…


My go-to is the garlic fried-chicken (don’t go kissing any unsuspecting strangers). It’s a world of tenderness and crispiness, all wrapped up in one sitting. Word of warning: it’s bound to get messy but Nene have got your back with plastic gloves and thick napkins. Oh, Nene – how we love you.

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(Collins St | Footscray)

What’s my favourite food, I hear you ask? Burgers. The answer is burgers. It’s a Marshall Eriksen level of obsession. High on my list are the burgs from 8bit. Possibly the coolest kid on the block, 8bit is a ’80s nostalgic dream. Blue and yellow Nintendo graphics deck out the walls and guys, there’s even an arcade machine.


You should try…
The Double Dragon. Double the size, double the fun. This bad boy has double the beef, cheese and bacon. Our friends at 8bit don’t stinge. Plus, with three sauces, including their famous 8bit sauce, it’s a juicy collision of flavours.

A post shared by Eat8bit (@eat8bit) on

A post shared by Eat8bit (@eat8bit) on

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(South Yarra)

At Bosozoku, they know how to have a good time. Ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a part of a Japanese biker gang? Now’s your chance. Want a private games room? You’ve got it. Throw karaoke into the mix? Why not. And we haven’t even gotten started on the food.

You should try…
Don’t be alarmed, the Die By The Sword burger isn’t as frightening as it sounds. Liven have already given it their tick of approval in their 7 Bucket List Burgers. This Japanese burger has marinated swordfish tucked between two buns. Did we mention that these are green tea buns? Yep, your teeth will be munching on bright green burgers. Instagram, we’re ready for you.

A post shared by BosozokuHQ (@bosozokuhq) on

A post shared by BosozokuHQ (@bosozokuhq) on

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(Fitzroy | Richmond | Windsor)

Behold, the King of ice-cream. Five years ago, Messina decided to open shop in Melbourne. Five years on, they’re boasting three locations and queues in winter. Feast your eyes (and tastebuds) on the 40 flavours nestled in the displays. The hardest part is deciding which ones you’ll pick. I think I’ll be needing at least a double scoop. Screw it – I’m bringing home a whole tub.

You should try…
Every time I visit my pals at Messina, I try out a new flavour. My latest obsession is the Italian Nougat – it’s a honey based gelato with roasted nuts, egg whites and (you guessed it) Italian nougat. It’s just the right amount of sweet. I also can’t go past the Apple Pie flavour – chunks of homemade apple pie are embedded in real apple gelato. You know where to find me.

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(Mornington Peninula)

After a long day of eating, a bit of R’n’R is needed. Just a wee drive out of Melbourne, the Peninsula Hot Springs awaits you for a mini getaway. There’s a limit to how many Instagrams of your mates sunbaking in Spain or perusing through Paris during this annual Europe migration you can take. Let out any stress or FOMO that’s been building up and relax in the natural hot springs. Now that you’re rejuvenated again, you’re ready to face the sixth “Berlin you were amazing! 😍” post you’ve seen this week.

You should try…
Plan your trip on a weekday to avoid the crowds. Go at night for a different atmosphere. Don’t miss the Turkish steam bath. Remember to bring a towel. I’ll stop here because I eerily sound like my mum. (Sorry mum)