The Blockchain-Powered Marketing Tool for Small Businesses

It’s a constant challenge for small businesses in the hospitality sector: how do you promote your restaurant, bar, or café, have it all running smoothly and keep customers happy at the same time? If you’re working with razor-thin margins to keep prices low, the chances are you don’t have resources or budget to spend on marketing.

And word of mouth is all very well and good, but it takes time, effort, and luck to build a reputation on personal recommendations alone.
Wouldn’t it be great if, instead, you had a marketing tool that could work around the clock to encourage people to come to your establishment…without the hefty costs?

It turns out such a tool exists and is already being used by thousands of merchants, including many of the best restaurants in Melbourne.

Getting to know Liven

Liven is a market leading incentive-based mobile food wallet, dining app and ecosystem purpose-built for the lifestyle and dining industry.
Users are able to discover thousands of restaurants, make instant mobile payments to pay for their meal, and earn digital currency (LVN) for eating good food.

LVN can be saved, exchanged, and spent at any merchant in the app’s community, or donated to a selection of charities.

What makes Liven unique among restaurant marketing solutions is that it is based on blockchain technology and its LVN tokens increase in value as the network grows.

The restaurant marketing solution you need
Consider the competitive of being a part of a reward network such as Liven. By now, we all know that individual loyalty programs do not work, as they do not give your the volume of customers you want and are costly to maintain. Why not be a part of the reward network that boasts merchants such as Messina, 8bit, Nene Chicken, Gong Cha, and MadMex?

While word-of-mouth tactics can provide long-term leverage for your business, a high-profile platform, such as Liven, can equip you with a competitive edge. It also allows your business to reward customers for their transactions, creating the opportunity for long-term loyalty.

Most importantly, joining the Liven community does not mean you have to accept cryptocurrency payments: you can elect to be paid in AUD or LivenCoin, no matter how your customer decides to settle their bill.