Where To Go For Movie Night πŸŽ₯πŸŒ™ - Melbourne

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We all enjoy a movie night - and there ain't nothing wrong with Hoyts, but sometimes it's nice to switch it up a little and try some place new. If you're thinking of food (and we know you are) we've got you covered too. Every restaurant listed is on Liven - so you'll earn some sweeeet $$$ every time.

Some of these might even make it to your regular date night list! πŸ˜‰

Classic Cinema + Budapest


Get cultured at the heritage Classic Cinema. The venue was built in 1889 and opened as a theatre in 1911, waaaaay before you were born. Don't fret, you won't find cobwebs and bats in there, as they've just undergone a full-on revamp! As of May this year, they are officially back, bigger and better than ever. Then, nom on some handmade rocky road or salted caramel choc tops.

Pro-tip! They run Treat Yo Self Tuesdays. ( $7 tickets.)

For food...

A couple doors down from the the cinema lies the world's biggest schnitzels. Pay a visit to Budapest Restaurant and Palinka Bar and find that their famed schnitty is bigger than the very plate it sits on. You'll be living your best life at this classic Hungarian joint.

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Cinema Nova + Copperwood


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Nova is the biggest arthouse movie complex in Melbourne that organises regular film events, meet-the-filmmaker seshes, festivals and special screenings. Each room has its own theme and there's always an exhibition going on in the foyer. Plus, they #supportlocal. If you arrive early, grab a read while waiting for the movie to start or enjoy the view of Lygon with a drink from the bar.

Pro-tip! Tickets are only $7 before 4pm on Discount Mondays.

For food...

Take a stroll down the famous Lygon St (Little Italy) and find yourself some traditional pizzas, pastas and meat dishes! Copperwood may seem deceivingly small from the outside, but once you get in, you'll find ample space, friendly staff and the perfect ambiance to cozy up before or after the movie. Try their signature risotto or the Copperwood chicken 'n' mash!

Rivoli Cinemas + Juno and May


Rivoli frequenters love the old-school grandiose feel and the Art Deco façade that pays tribute to its earliers days, back in the 1940s. Settle in to the night with a pre/post-movie bev at Nineteenforty, the in-house rooftop bar with a view. It's pretty much a criminal offence in Melbourne not to have a rooftop bar. Plus, it's got the full winter package. with heaters and umbrellas at the ready. How does some wine and salted caramel choc tops sound? 😍

For food...

Further up Burke Road, there's a great spot for casual dining that comes with a ton of international variety, Juno and May. They've got Vietnamese crispy rice paper rolls, Halal Snack Pack, Moroccan chicken, Jerusalem artichoke, and French Smash all on their menu.

Aim for a tasty brunch before your movie, or a fine dinner after! We've got our eyes on the French bistro style char-grilled Great Southern Pinnacle Scotch Fillet served with french fries, salad and cafΓ© de Paris butter (with a twist!)

Palace Westgarth + The Denn


Take a little trip to the Westgarth on High Street for cosy seats, wide screens, mosaic floors and a grand stairwell - a beautiful setting reminiscent of relaxing old-world charm. They're also a frequent host to many international film festivals.

Pro-tip! On Cheap Tuesdays, tickets go for $11!

For food...

Time for a Spanish feast? Not far from the Palace, you'll find The Denn - serving a series of delicious types of paella featuring Moreton Bay Bug, clams, chorizo, and chicken. They also home a vegan paella. Pair it with some of their seasonally inspired small plates. Best shared with someone special, over a glass of red!

IMAX + Martha Ray's


When was the last time you saw an IMAX movie? Pay a cheeky visit to the Melbourne Museum for your dose of general knowledge and immerse yourself in a mega screen movie.

Pro-tip! There's a Melbourne Museum and IMAX joint package for half-price entry.

For food...

Take in the fresh air and take a stroll to Martha Ray's on Brunswick Street in Fitzroy. Little in size but BIG on taste. Expect an all day brunch menu of organic meat and vegetarian options that you can match with Costa Noosa coffee, Storm in a Teacup tea, and flavour-of-the-month Jarritos sodas. Mm mm. Pork belly with crispy crackling on a baguette never fails to hit the spot, and their Reuben sandwich is massively raved about.

ACMI + Brunetti's

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No, you won't find any mainstream movies showing here, but they do promise docos, international films and special events. Plus, the best gift shop in Melbourne for cinema junkies!

Pro-tip! They have an Australian Mediatheque where you can find a spot in your own little booth and watch films on demand.

For food...

Satisfy your cake cravings on Flinders Lane, or enjoy some mouthwatering pasta if sweets aren't your thang. Day or night, it's always a good time at Brunetti's!

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Palace Como + Kagu Ra Zaka

South Yarra

Come for the movies, stay for the little touches of ritz, glam and luxury in the plush foyer and bespoke bar. A visit to the Palace Como sure beats slumping in your couch at home!

For food...

Pretty much a stone's throw away on Chapel St/Toorak Rd, you'll find sashimi and teppanyaki for daaaaaays at Kagu Ra Zaka. The traditalian Japanese fit out includes tatami seating and wooden decor!

Kino Cinemas + Swiss Club of Victoria


Special events, forums, festivals and Q&As are frequently held here, enhancing the cinema experience within Melbourne's CBD. If you love wall-to-wall screens, you're gonna love the view at Kino. To top it off, ticket holders get discounted car parking in the underground car park.

Pro-tip! We may or may not be encouraging you to call in sick on Mondays for the $8.50 tickets.

For food...

Mondays are also a great day for lunch specials at the Swiss Club of Victoria. Hop over to where Switzerland takes shape in Melbourne's CBD. Expect classic Swiss dishes, like rΓΆsti, served to you in a relaxed, blonde-wood dining hall. You don't have to be Swiss to enjoy their culinary delights. Two words: CHEESE FONDUE.

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Thornbury Picture House + Juanita's Kitchen


Just this year, the newest kids on the block set up shop in an old 1919 motor garage, packed with cushy seats and an in-house bar. Even local filmmakers have the opportunity to showcase their works here, so celebrate every small beginning with this up and coming film house!

For food...

Spice things up at Juanita's Kitchen for Mexican and West African deliciousness with no added nasties. Most items on the menu are either vegan or vegetarian, making it your choice to enjoy meat in your meal! Plus, they're 100% gluten-free AND they sell their award-winning simmer sauces, marinades and dips in-store! What's not to love?

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Sun Theatre + 8bit


You and your date'll LOVE sinking into the comfy leather couches meant for couples. Plus, take as long as you'd like to admire the Art Deco details on the way into this boutique cinema that's been independently run since opening in 1938. The curtains add an old-school vibe to the venue, and some people get in early just to watch them rise. Even Quentin Tarantino visited this humble little theatre on his Hateful Eight publicity tour. Legends! Each one of their six cinemas is individually named after landmarks like defunct Footscray cinemas The Grand and The Barkly.

Pro-tip! Tickets cost a tenner on Cheap Mondays AND Tuesdays.

For food...

Match the old-school vibe of Sun Theatre with Melbourne's finest burgers and shakes! 8bit in Footscray is an arcade game themed restaurant and an ode to our pixelated past. Slay some arcade classics, burger in hand.

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Dromana 3 Drive-In + Peninsula Hot Springs


Here's your ace weekend getaway to the Peninsula. Dromana 3 Drive-In has been open for over 50 years and it's still going strong! With a pretty sweet 1950s style diner and a kids playground, it's a wonderful hangout for families. It's got a great atmosphere and all the newest flicks. Do it.

Pro-tip! If you watch two movies in a row, you get a cheeky discount!

A trip to the Peninsula is never complete without sinking into the award-winning hot springs. Drive on down for your chance to relax and rejuvenate in natural thermal mineral baths.

Liven users enjoy 20% off hot baths during off-peak periods. Download the app for the special code!

Lido Cinemas + Ya Souv


'Twas a dead building revived on the bustling strip known as Glenferrie Road. Every summer, their rooftop cinema and bar opens to the public. All year round, you can still enjoy live jazz on the weekend and the vibrant cineplex downstairs. The historic decor has been preserved and the interior now has bold swatches of colour like the purple carpeting and deep red walls.

Pro-tip! Head over on Treat Yo Self Tuesdays for $7 tickets.

For food...

You won't have to hunt for long, 'cause right opposite the cinema lies Greek street food right in Hawthorn. We're talking 'bout meat that's been slow cooked for 12 hours for that melt-in-your-mouth texture and a kitchen of Greek women preparing spanakopita perfection, Nonna-approved, of course.

With some amazing flicks due for release soon, who's lookin' forward to movie night?!