We Went To: Hobba, Prahran!

Hobba? More like Hubba Hubba, amiright? Visiting these folks in Prahran was an absolute drool-fest. Hobba is an eatery and bar that covers breakfast and lunch for all – you'll find friends, family and business partners all gathering here.

It's a short walk from Hawksburn station, close to Chapel Street and up the road from Prahran Market. It's all happenin' in this side of town. 😎


Hobba oozes Melbourne cool. It's situated in a spacious industrial building – a renovated tyre factory, in fact. High ceilings are framed by wooden beams and exposed brick walls. The large windows at the front let in glorious sunshine, where coffee sippers can bathe in its warmth.


While there's plenty of wire and rustic accents, Hobba adds their own welcoming touches – greenery and bold lighting fixtures hang from the ceiling.


Let's get started on their coffee. Hobba use a house blend by 5 Senses. It makes for a great cuppa joe. There's also a weekly single origin up for grabs.


Hobba definitely took a note outta Kelis' book because their milkshakes bring all the boys (and girls) to their yard. They cover all the classics: chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and banana, as well as blue haven, caramel, lime and oreo.


And all you sweet toothers out there? This one's for you. These are the Hobba Hotcakes. These babies are ricotta-filled and then topped with house spiced maple syrup, citrus and vanilla mascarpone, seasonal berries and honeycomb.


Just LOOK AT THEM! 😱 They're sure to satisfy your sugar cravings. While it's sweet, it's still light and fluffy. The mascarpone balances and ties the dish together nicely AND it tastes like lemon cheesecake.

It's all the sticky goodness we ever could want. And boy, is it a bang for your buck – you'll leave with a full tummy after this one.


Next up – burgers. More specifically, THE Wolfpack Burger. A Wagyu beef pattie, iceburg lettuce, tomato, red onion, American cheddar, pickles and their famous Hobba boom sauce is sandwiched between brioche buns – AND you get a side of ah-mazing beer battered chips.

Hot tip: put the chips in the burger for double the goodness. Plus, a chocolate milkshake makes the perfect addition.


Large, framed artworks line the walls. Hobba is perfect for a quick bite during your lunch break or a long, boozy brunch on your day off.


Join the Wolfpack today. Our total bill was $47.30 and we earned $9.46 Liven Cash! It was too good to be true so we even tipped the friendly staff from the Liven app.


When you pay with Liven at Hobba, you'll score 20% of your bill in the form of Liven Cash! Who would've thought you could eat and earn at the same time?