The Best Restaurants Rewarding You with Crypto

There are restaurants that spoil you with good food, then there are restaurants that go beyond that.

As a dining app with access to top Melbourne and Sydney restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the FREE Liven app guarantees good food and drink, and rewards you with cryptocurrency for eating.

Mine Crypto by Eating

Liven has done something real big. With a successful app feeding hundreds of thousands of Australians, the company is launching a cryptocurrency, LivenCoin, the world’s first digital currency for food. LivenCoin is the evolution of the app’s current in-network currency, LivenCash, which is currently used to award every single user on every single of their transactions. For those who are already using Liven, don’t worry, nothing changes about the app or how you use it. It’s the same thing, just with more benefits!

How Liven works is that you use the app to discover oodles of delicious top restaurants nearby, go in to enjoy a delicious meal or drinks at one if its partnered venues, pay for your bill with one tap using the app, and earn 10-25 percent reward earnings in cash that you can use for the next time you’re eating out. Yes, you earn rewards every single time you pay using the app, even when you’re using your rewards cash to pay. I know, you’re pretty much getting paid to eat out! 🤯

As the app evolves, replacing the in-network currency with a cryptocurrency, you as the user will reap the benefits of the blockchain technology by doing the same thing you’ve always been doing: eating delicious food! Once Liven launches LivenCoin in October, you’ll also be able to trade LVN between friends and family on the app and on exchanges.

The Best Restaurants Near You

We’ve cherry-picked restaurants nearby that offer the tastiest of rewards, drawing inspiration from all around the world.

Get Pokéd

No need to book that vacay to Hawaii; Pokéd has you sorted, offering healthy sustainably sourced poké bowls at 8 locations and counting.

Poké is a centuries-old classic, but the venue has taken the best of the base and turned its menu into a real modern treat. With signature dishes like ‘I Lava Spice’ with jalapeño and sashimi, and contemporary takes like ‘Surf and Turf’ with chicken, prawns and pineapple salsa, you will leave Pokéd with a fire in your belly and peace in your heart. Aloha.

Best of all, you can enjoy getting 10 percent rewards cash in LVN whenever you do the hokey Poké.

We scream for ice cream: Gelato Messina

As an after-dinner delight, afternoon delight — or anytime delight — Gelato Messina has you covered.

Named after the historic town of Messina, Sicily, where granita rules supreme, Gelato Messina has a smorgasbord of exotic sorbets, ice creams and cakes in its colourful cabinet. It even blends the best of the best, offering a creamy dark chocolate sorbet that you’d swear had a dash of dairy.

Whether it’s the iconic mushroom cakes on display, the classic mid-century Italian interior, or the chitter-chatter about the delights on offer, there’s a certain buzz about Gelato Messina that’s hard to find anywhere else.

Anytime you feel so inclined to dine at Messina, pay through Liven and earn 15 percent in LVN.

Pappa knows best: PappaRich


If you’re feeling like something even a little richer, the creamy curries and hot laksas dished up at PappaRich may just do the trick.

PappaRich is a pretty generous guy too, giving 30 percent cash earnings in LVN whenever you pay through the platform.

As you would at Malaysian street food markets, you may have to line up, but it only adds to the authenticity of the experience. Go full authentic and order the char koay teow or wat tan hor, or go for the Indian-inspired roti-based menu items, and you really can’t go wrong.

So what are you waiting for? Grab delicious food nearby and earn and mine crypto for free using the Live app!