7 Fathers Day Feasts in Melbourne

We're taking a firm opposing position towards gifting socks 'n' jocks this year. And let's be real; giving your Dad a Bunnings voucher is like buying your Mom a new vacuum cleaner - both extremely boring and highly inappropriate.

We've never heard Dad complain about being treated to a nice meal though.🤷 So - here's where you're taking yo' Dad this year.


(South Yarra)

For the biker Dad holding onto his token leather jacket as if it were a one way pass back to the rebellious glory days of 83'.

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Burger bento, bubble cup cocktails, Mario Kart 64, karaoke and giant jenga - Bosozoku is a biker-bar inspired, Japanese fusion fun house. A big kids playground, if you will.

Dad'll love the place - with reworked bus seats, a table made from a friggen plane 🤯, a firepit and a dry ice spa (?!). Order him (and yourself) the Road Rage burger, with thin sliced m9 wagyu beef.



For the Dad that charitably coaches the footy players on field from row 46 with a Carlton Draught in one hand and a pie in the other.

Beer, wine and bites for daaaayz. Bluetrain is like the sleeker, much more refined take on your Dad's favourite pub - and it totally makes the mark for your Father's Day celebrations.

Soak in the city views over a "city-loop" inspired cocktail and a killer meal. Bluetrain has been Melbourne's favourite meeting place for 20 years - and it's damn easy to see why. Their meals are a whole new level of indulgent - ie, the twice cooked duck leg confit spring rolls and parmesan crumbed veal burger.

Tell him to ditch the footy scarf & junners for a button up and drag him away from the game for a couple drinks on you - we're sure he won't protest (too much).

Mrs Hopper

(St Kilda)

For the office Dad that doesn't mind digging into a good burger and craft beer outside of office hours. #TimeIsMoney.

No need to hurry out of the office - it's always happy hour at Mrs Hopper. Light bites, hoppers (Sri Lankan bowl-shaped pancakes) and cocktails.

The little sister of much-loved Sri Lankan restaurant Araliya - Mrs Hopper is the trendy new kid on the block. We bet Dad'll put the work on hold for this one. 😳

Mister Bianco


For the Dad that gets a kick out of showing you (and every single house guest) his home grown tomatoes and loudly comments on the inauthenticity of "authentic" Italian restaurants.

Treat yo Dad! Brought to you by Joseph Vargetto - Mister Bianco brings both award winning service and food. Mister Bianco's menu is a beautiful blend of modern European and traditional Italian - with slight Sicilian inspiration.

This Father's Day, Mister Bianco is hosting a 4-course lunch or dinner - with a menu that's made for sharing with the fam. The line up includes roaster rib eye and grilled swordfish and will be a sell out - so make sure you book for this one...

Sister of Society


For the Dad that is deeply offended by the concept of ripped jeans and makes Dad jokes to rival all others.

If Dad's one prerequisite to visiting any restaurant is the presence of a parma, you've gotta get him to Sister of Society. They're pretty passionate about delivering a quality, classic parma (and they don't put their chips underneath the chicken!!!)

They've also got a bunch of Dad-approved pastas, plenty of beer and some great cocktails. Finish your drink every time you gotta fake laugh at a mediocre pun.

Biggie Smalls

(Collingwood | Windsor)

For the Dad that appreciates some old skooool rap tracks and occasionally reattempts old hobbies to prove he still "got" it.

Back in his day, they used to do kebabs right. Luckily for Dad (and you) Biggie Smalls delivers some seriously killer kbabs.

Bring him in for a kicked back feast and stock up on beer, kbabs, gin and loaded fries. We won't tell Mom.


( Swanston Street | Collins St | Footscray )

For the Dad that has made substantial investments in at least 5 weird kickstarter projects that are going to be the "next big thing."

There's no denying the charm of classic burgers, hot dogs, shakes and sides. We'd recommend the "Double Dragon" with Double Beef, Double Cheese, Double Bacon, Pickles, Mustard, Lettuce, Ketchup, 8bit Sauce - it's double the fun.

Let Dad geek out a little over the old school video game themed interior and try his luck at the arcade game.