Liven Partners with Kounta


We are proud to announce our new partnership with Kounta - the go to platform for hospitality, powering over thousands of renowned national brands; including Liven partners Gelato Messina and Luxe, among others.

Our partnership enables thousands of merchants across Australia that are powered by Kounta to immediately start accepting payments through Liven - allowing merchants to submit a partnership request directly to us from within their Kounta account. This will powerfully streamline Liven’s current induction process and provide a platform to substantially grow our partner network within a short space of time.


Merchants taking advantage of the partnership will be able to accept payments entirely within Kounta; eliminating the need for additional hardware by bringing applications into one central place, making for quicker transactions and a reducing risk of technical faults.

This integration will allow Kounta to offer an advanced, pre-developed loyalty system to their merchant partners and present them with the opportunity to opt-in to receiving cryptocurrency payments from their customers.

“This step forward for Liven greatly expands our capabilities as a global payment network. Eliminating hurdles to scaling allows us to rapidly onboard new partners and makes it easier for those partners to quickly and efficiently process payments on our payment rails. We’re always working towards a better customer experience in payments, and we’re excited to be working with such a fantastic first integration partner” says William Wong, CEO of Liven.

Our partnership with Kounta sets the foundations for Liven’s long-planned shift to widespread POS integration and an eventual system-wide upgrade from dedicated payment tablets. Combined with our upcoming transition to a blockchain based rewards currency, such integrations will spell the dawning of a new age for real-world cryptocurrency adoption, making everyday transactions with digital currencies a seamless part of life for more than 250,000 Australians.

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