Melbourne's Most Loved - Meet the MoVida Group!


You may have heard the name Frank Camorra – one of the big guns in the culinery world. And rightfully so – he's the Executive Chef and co-owner of the MoVida Group. Here in Melbourne, these restaurants are some of the shinest stars in our city's food scene.


Melbourne: 1 Hosier Lane
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Frank Camorra • Spanish tapas • Restaurant and bar



First up is the namesake – meet MoVida. You might be familiar with the bright red sign hanging in Hosier Lane. Among the iconic gritty graffiti lies a modern Spanish tapas bar serving up seriously good share plates, small bites and desserts.

Pair your meal with a selection from their fine and extensive alcohol list. We recommend a glass (or two) of one of their Spanish red wines.

Settle in for a cosy and dimly-lit lunch or dinner in the moody and contemporary space.

MoVida Next Door

Melbourne: 164 Flinders St
Eat & Earn 10% Liven Cash
Frank Camorra • Spanish tapas • Restaurant and bar



The hip, younger sibling of MoVida. MoVida's classic style is still there; you can still expect their signature authentic, modern Spanish tapas.

This lively hangout spot is always banging - take a seat at the bustling bar and sip on a chilled drink while waiting for your fresh seafood to arrive.

Opposed to MoVida, there's a no booking policy and the price range is a tad lower – perfect for crowds of locals, tourists and students.

MoVida Aqui

Melbourne: 500 Bourke St
Eat & Earn 10% Liven Cash
Frank Camorra • Spanish tapas • Restaurant and bar


Separate from its Hosier Lane counterpart is MoVida Aqui. It's spacious, bold, adventurous and a little bit daring.

Here, they can cook a more diverse range of Spanish dishes - including an iconic paella. Their kitchen is stocked with a charcoal grill as well as a sous-vide water bath. This fusion of traditional and modern cooking techniques underpins what Aqui is all about.

Come and enjoy new, eccentric flavours in the sleek interior of MoVida Aqui.

Bar Tini

Melbourne: 3-5 Hosier Lane
Eat & Earn 10% Liven Cash
Cocktails • Wine • Tapas



It's time to check out Bar Tini – your friendly and funky neighbourhood watering hole.

This little bar takes its inspiration from Spanish bars and bodegas (small corner stores that sell groceries and wine.) What you end up with is a lively bar that serves sandwiches, tapas and bites – sometimes out of a can – as well as providing a mean wine and cocktail list.

Paco's Tacos

Melbourne: CBD | Ringwood
Eat & Earn 10% Liven Cash
Heathly • Fast • Delicious



Kick back and relax – Paco's Tacos is serving up fast and fresh Mexican street food.

Staying true to their Mexican roots, it's all about family and a culture of sharing. Nachos, tacos, enchiladas and salads are just some of their selection. In typical MoVida fashion, there's a great accompanying alcohol list – expect craft beers, fine wines, jarritos (Mexican soft drink) and sangrias. The perfect pairing for a summer catch-up with mates.

With two locations to choose from – a sunny CBD rooftop and a fixture in Eastland Shopping Centre – there are definitely enough of Paco's tacos to go around. 🌮

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