We Went To: Kung Fu Burger, South Yarra!

Real talk... why was everybody kung-fu fighting? We have an inkling... we think they were fighting over burgers.

Makes sense, doesn't it? Burgers are arguably the best food (try and kung-fu fight me on this.)

That's why we went to visit Kung Fu Burger, the Asian burger specialist. And you bet it was like nothin' we ever tasted.


Kung Fu Burger is not your average burger shop. What they have created is a hybrid mix of Western and Asian flavours underpinned with Chinese cooking techniques to produce spectacular burgers.


Their eight burger offerings are oh so tempting – and beef patty ain't the only option. You've got pulled pork, fried chicken, tempura soft shell crab and a tofu patty to choose from.

What they all have in common is their generous portion; you know that satisfying burger size that demands the attention of two hands? Yep, that's what you can expect here.


Before we begin, I have a confession. I am a burger purist, meaning I ONLY have beef patties. But this day, I was feeling adventurous and attempted the fried chicken burger. Now, I can safely say I was a burger purist.

This black beauty is the Minister Chicken. And this is what converted me.


With juicy, crispy chicken, yuzu and lime mayo, Japanese pickle and Asian slaw, it really captures the essence of what Kung Fu Burger is all about.

The chicken is DAMN good and tender. Paired with the Japanese mayo and slaw, it's surprisingly light but still brings the flavour.


Next up is Gangnam Style. Before Psy's track enters your mind (someone tell me, why was that a thing again?), let this spark your imagination. Between two perfectly toasted buns is a thick 210g grass-fed beef patty, Korean mayo, kim chi, Asian slaw and cheese.

You wouldn't expect kim chi to go with a beef patty but boy, does this combo knock us off our feet. They've subtly changed up the traditional elements of a burger so it doesn't even really feel like you're eating a burger – the Asian flavours are the real winner here. Best be warned though, this baby really packs some heat.


And you can't skip out on some fries. Can't decide whether to get potato or sweet potato fries? You can't go wrong with BOTH. They're both thickly cut and crispy on the outside – the perfect accompaniment to any burger.


In the heart of Chapel Street, this spot is open 'til late every night. The usual 11pm close time extends to 4am on Fridays and Saturdays. We know where your next late night cravings will be satisfied at.


Look out for their giant neon burger sign, bright yellow walls and massive mural.


And did we mention you can also play Connect 4? Everyone's a winner.

When you pay with Liven at Kung Fu Burger, you'll score 10% of your bill in the form of Liven Cash! Who would've thought you could eat and earn at the same time?