Introducing Liven 5.5 - The Wallet Update

It's LVN Now

It's LVN, Now.

You might've already seen the Liven 5.5 update waiting for you in the app-store. Get ready to update - spoiler alert - it's pretty cool.

5.5 is without doubt our biggest update to date, unlocking some long awaited features that we're super excited for you to try out.

Anxious to hear more? Let's get to it.


The Digital Currency for Food

In preparation for our cryptocurrency integration, Liven Cash is now LVN - but hey, don't freak out, all the features you know and love are still here, and the rewards you've earned aren't going anywhere.

We'll now display your Liven Cash balance in LVN - where 1 LVN = 2 Australian Cents, until we launch our dynamic exchange rate (find out more about that here). We'll always have the AUD amount displayed under your LVN balance to make it easier - and you'll still earn just as much!


All-New Home Screen

You might've already noticed, but we're way prettier now. We've shifted our homescreen focus to discovery, allowing you to browse cuisine types, collections, nearby and trending lists. You'll also notice:

The LVN Wallet
Welcome the future with a warm embrace and say hey to your new digital wallet. It's cute, right? Here, you'll be able to see your previously discussed LVN, request or send LVN, assign or view your username, change payment details, view your transaction history or enter a promo code. (Read on for more on these new features!)

The Newsfeed
Get the goss on all of our delicious goings-on. We've now got a sweet new home for all our Liven-related news, sorted by city. Here you'll find new merchant announcements, blogs, events and general company news. Never miss a beat (or a snack!)

The Favourites Page
Save all of your favourites in our brand new, dedicated space. Collect a Liven to-eat list and tick 'em off one by one - or just keep all your regulars on hand for when you swing by!

A Smarter Search
Our search function finally works with names, locations and food-types. Find what you want fast, so you can go and eat it even quicker. Time is money! Money is food!


Unique User Handles

Make a name for yourself! With Liven 5.5 you can assign an @handle username to your Liven account. Get in quick, and you'll likely grab yourself a pretty cool one. Your new username will help your friends send you LVN. (Eeek, spoiler alert.)


Send & Receive LVN Instantly

Long awaited - it's finally here! Earned a bunch of LVN and feel like sharing the love? Covering some friendly debt from last week's lunch? Liven 5.5 lets you seamlessly send LVN to a friend. Just type in their username and the balance to be sent. It'll be in their wallet instantly.


Top-Up With Extra LVN

You can now top up your LVN in app! Buy it as a gift to send to a friend, use it to budget your dining expenses or just load up and #treatyoself. The bigger the purchase, the bigger the bonus.

Get it Next Week!

Liven 5.5 is being released over the next 7 days for iOS and Android. Keep checking here.

The LivenPay Token Sale

Liven is transitioning to a decentralised blockchain-based payment solution. This step is one of the largest in a set of many as we move forward in bringing true, globally accessible value for our users in Australia, and soon, around the world. LVN will be launched on the Ethereum network as an ERC-20 token upon completion of our token sale. You can contribute to the project, and be the first to own a portion of the world's first digital currency for food by joining the public sale on our token sale website.

That's all for now. We'd love to hear how you're finding all of our flashy new features, so don't hesitate to get in touch!