We Ate 8 of Melbourne's Best Burgers

There is evidently no shortage of burgers in Melbourne... How in the world are you to know which are worth holding a place in your cheat day meal plans?

Conveniently enough, no one here in the Liven office is on board with the #summershred mantra - so we just went ahead and tried alll of the burgers for you. We're problem solvers, truly.


Kung Fu Burger

(South Yarra)

Order the Minister Burger

Crispy fried chicken, yuzu & lime mayo, Japanese pickles and Asian slaw. Kung Fu Burger serves up one of the best Japanese inspired chicken burgers in Melbourne. Disagree? Fight us on it. Unless you're... chicken. πŸ”

This is the very burger that converted our very own beef burger purist, Maggie, to a chicken-burger enthusiast. If that doesn't say enough, read more about our time at Kung Fu Burger here.

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Bosozoku HQ

(South Yarra)

Order the Road Rage Burger

Instantaneously cure all rage-related feelings by ordering Bosozoku's Road Rage Burger.

Stacked full with thin sliced m9 wagyu beef and Asian slaw - this burger is brilliantly unique and best paired with a side of their seaweed fries and edamame.

They also have karaoke, giant jenga, Mario Kart 64 and let you slice your cake with a samourai sword on your birthday... We're ain't even playin'. Read more about Bosozoku here.

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Leonards House of Love

(South Yarra)

Order the South Side Fried Burger

A grungy pub off Chapel St, Leonards are proud to admit they've been providing, servicing and curing hangovers since '15. Probably all those house favourite "Pickleback" Jameson shots.

Booze and tunes aside, Leonard's is also hiding what may just be some of Melbourne's best burgers. We're particularly fond of their "South Side Fried Burger" - an iconic classic fried chicken burger. Their mac 'n' cheese and popcorn chicken is an important addition to your order.

Gramercy Social


Order the The Long Island Burger

Sometimes being limited to beef & chicken burgers can have us feeling a little... crabby. πŸ˜’ Fear not - Gramercy Social is by your side, whether it be beef, chicken, pastrimi, brisket OR soft shell crab.

Mr Krabs? Is that you? πŸ¦€ Gramercy's fried soft shell crab burger - the "Long Island" - boasts a game-changing corn and jalapeno slaw, coriander (you can take the coriander off if you're one of THOSE people) and sriracha mayo. Take advantage of their happy hour drink specials and don't leave without trying the macacini poppers.

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Southside Central


Order the Dirty Sanchez

Nachos, fried chicken or a burger? How about nachos and fried chicken ON a burger. Ay caramba! πŸ”₯ Order Southside Central's "Dirty Sanchez" for a burger packed with Southern fried chicken, American cheddar, doritos, salsa, molten cheese, guacamole and jalapenos.

While you're there try a few of their cocktails (the shebert mojito is the real deaaaal) in their amazing rooftop space with fairy lights, heating and hip-hop beats.

Three One 2 One


Order the Kick-Ass Mac N Cheese

Anything that combines pasta, beef and bread is bound for brilliance. Cue the Kick-Ass Mac N Cheese. Beef, double cheese, mac and cheese sauce, jalapeΓ±os, bacon, lettuce and ketchup on a brioche bun.

It's award-winningly delicious (yep, it was in the top 5 burgers in Melbourne back in 2015). Basically, it's all of our favourite things on one, kick-ass burger. Overwhelming excitement. Read more about Three One 2 One here.

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(Multiple locations)

Order the After Burner

Lead a spicy life. Or if all else fails, just order spicy burgers. A favourite here in the Liven office is the After Burner. We'll let you decipher the name yourself.

Between these beautiful bunz you'll find beef, tomato, red onion, lettuce, cheese, chilli sauce, jalapenos, mustard and chipotle mayo. It's hot - but not so hot that you're afraid to approach it, you feel?

Pssssst: pictured is the After Burner with added beef, bacon and cheese. We're not trying to pressure you to do the same... but liiike, you probably should.

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Royal Stacks

(Multiple locations)

Order the Prince Harry

Here's one for the self confessed cheese addicts. I mean, there's worse things to be addicted to. Too much cheese? There's no such thing. Cheese fries, gems, mac & cheese croquettes - or even a side of cheese to douse your burger in. The sky is the limit.

If you're particularly passionate about cheese, we'd recommend you try the Prince Harry - with a beef patty, butter lettuce, American cheddar, Swiss cheese and a horseradish, shallot and gerkin mayo sauce. Obviously with a side of cheese fries. And a side of cheese...

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