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Lanzhou Beef Noodle Bar

Melbourne: Melbourne CBD | Carlton | Caulfield | Glen Waverley
Eat & Earn 10% LVN
Lan Zhou • Noodles • Authenticity

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Chopsticks at the ready – traditional, handmade noodles.

It's a wonder that Lan Zhou was only established in 2017 – they've quickly grown into one of Melbourne's iconic noodle bars.

Tradition is key – from ingredient selection all the way to the final assembly stage, they've stayed true to their roots and replicated the authentic flavours of the Lan Zhou beef noodle.

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• Carlton
• Caulfield
• Glen Waverley

How many varieties of beef noodles can there be? According to Lan Zhou, at least five. Plus, there are veggie, winter and soy noodle options. One might say... that's oodles of noodles.

Noodle thickness is serious business. Just ask the chefs here, who provide seven noodle widths to choose from. Whichever is your pick, all are handcrafted with technical proficiency and years of refined craftsmanship.

Toppings are where it's at! Seasonal vegetables, pickled cabbage and hot chilli oil are some of the variety that's on offer. You can even customise the amount of chilli, coriander and leek each bowl has.

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