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Dragon Hot Pot

Melbourne: Russell St | Swanston St | Elizabeth St | Glen Waverley
Self Serve β€’ Spicy β€’ Hotpot

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Can you handle the heat? Dragon Hot Pot is a renowned Melbourne institution famous for their spicy AF hot pot.

You'll be able to tastse their years of Chinese craftsmanship in any of their 4 locations across Melbourne. They specialise in melatang, which literally translates to 'spicy numbing hot' soup. Don't say we didn't warn you.


This ain't your typical hot pot joint, either. It's not just about their fiery food, they stand out for more than one reason...

Here's a game changer for you: Self. Serve. Hot. Pot.

Pick and choose what ingredients tickle your fancy in a customisable hot pot experience. With five broth bases and over 100 ingredients on offer, there are endless combinations of meat, seafood, vegetables, balls, mushrooms, eggs, tofu and several types of noodles.

With three locations in the heart of the CBD, Dragon Pot Hot is perfect to satisfy those late night cravings. 4am munchies? The Russell St store is open 24 hours everrrry single day.

Eat as much as you please – cost is calculated by weight here. To add to this customisable experience, choose between the options of a soup or a stir fry.

And here's an extra bonus: Dragon Hot Pot is usually cash only, so Liven's got your back when you're in a cash-free dash.


50% earn rate is valid from 11:00am 23/11/2018 until 1:00pm 30/11/2018. Earn is capped at $15 LVN per transaction.