Experimental Asian Desserts – Meet The Dessert Kitchen! 🤩🥑


The Dessert Kitchen

Melbourne: 105 Little Bourke St
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Melbourne's most innovative Asian dessert cafe.

Experimental, healthy & super IG worthy desserts. The pioneers of the in shell avocado icecream.🥑 Meet The Dessert Kitchen. They're now on Liven, so you can pay & earn 15% every single time.

Since 2006, The Dessert Kitchen have been dishing out guilt-free Asian desserts. They're growing and they're growing fast – they've got about 30 stores in Hong Kong, China, The Philippines, US and Australia.

Cornflakes and icecream? You can't be cereal. 😉 Take a look at these beauties. All their parfaits feature homemade, low-fat soft serve. First up on the left is Romantic Valentine. Layers of cornflakes, strawberries and peanuts are topped with a crunchy pistachio crust. Next up is Black Temptation – and you bet we're tempted. Cocoa crisps, Oreos and chocolate pearls with soft serve... it's irresistible.


After a taste of something more authentic? Look no further than their award-winning signature, customisable desserts. Shaved ice, various flavoured balls, mochi/taro/red bean ice cream and various other toppings make for a refreshing and light treat.

This level of cuteness shouldn't be allowed. Their rich and creamy hot chocolates are almost too cute to drink. Choose from a little bear or polar bear to be your drink companion – but don't get too attached! They'll be gobbled up in no time. 😅

We've saved the best 'til last. Don't be fooled, this isn't your average avo. This is avo icecream. You read that right. Brunch lovers will rejoice at this sweet dessert. I mean, have you seen anything more Melbourne?

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