Snaxmas is Back, Melbourne!πŸŽ„


It’s that time of the year again and we're ready to spread the cheer! The team here at Liven believes the Christmas holidays are best spent with family, friends and fabulous food. 🍰

Things are about to get very merry. Starting on Monday, we're bringing you a 12 Day Snaxmas Calendar! Check in each day and open a door hiding delicious treats - but act FAST - they'll only be around for the day, before they make like Dasher and run off with the rest of the reindeers. 🦌

The 12 Day Snaxmas Calendar will be like an advent calendar, revealing a different exciting offer every day. We'll send it you to by email and also keep this blog updated. We heard there'll be supercharged earn rates, promo codes and mystery chests.

We're super excited for you to celebrate with us! Keep your eyes peeled for what's behind the doors. Snaxmas is going to be huuuge, it’s snow joke.

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Check in each day so you don't miss out on the treats! Keep up to date on Instagram.