Introducing @shop!


Hey, say hello to @shop, the official Liven goodie shop!

As you may be aware, we recently launched sending and receiving LVN, so you can instantly flick your pals some quick cash, settle a debt, give a gift, or now... Buy some Liven goodies!


If you haven't used this before, it's super easy. The LVN you earn can be sent to any of your friends, or the @shop by typing in the username you want to send to!


Make sure you get this right! Check your email for the current shop offer, and send the correct amount.


This won't work if you don't have the LVN balance required, if you need more, head to wallet, and hit 'buy' there are a few packs, and bonuses for buying in larger quantities, this LVN is totally transferable and can be sent to friends at any time.


Watch your emails, the following day, we'll send out your vouchers in an email, that email will include all of your purchased gift cards, which are totally transferable, and valid for 3 years. You can buy them as gifts, treat yourself, or use our recommendations to plan a weekend out!

Terms & Conditions
Liven Shop vouchers are not exchangeable for cash, vouchers are transferable in the case the purchaser has not added the voucher to his or her wallet. Vouchers must be redeemed or used within 3 years from date of purchase. Vouchers are single use and change will not be given in the case of purchases below the value set. Refunds can be made in special cases accounting for allergies, disability access, cessation of merchant contract, or other extreme circumstances at the discretion of Liven Pty Ltd. Liven Pty Ltd reserves all rights to terminate user accounts in cases of fraud or abusive activity.