Say Hello to Liven 5.7, Now With a Referral System that Actually Works!

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Hey, We Fixed Referral!

Ok. We admit it.

We didn’t design the referral system that well. It was unclear if/when you were going to be credited, the rewards didn’t display nicely, and you didn’t have flexibility. The logic from the start was to make a system that can afford to pay out a larger amount based on some key restrictions, such as that friend correctly entering your specific code, making the purchase, and your credit working like a promo code that gets applied automatically.

We’ve taken quite a lot of this into account, and with the help of some of our recently added features, we think we’ve landed on something that works pretty well for everyone.

1. Referral Credit Goes to The Wallet as LVN 💰

Weird referral credit promo codes are NO MORE! When you refer somebody, and they make a purchase you get rewarded in cold, hard LVN. 250 LVN to be precise. That’s $5 that stacks eternally with unlimited friends, and you’re not locked into weirdly using on the next transaction. You can send, spend, save, or even withdraw (later!). We want you to have more choice, and visibility on referral rewards so you feel confident in getting that code around, or spamming forums with the link. 😆

2. We Let You Know What’s Happening 🧐

Ever refer somebody and they just never use the credit? What’s up with that? Ever find out that they’ve used it way after they do and you just missed the email or didn’t check the codes screen? Now, we’ll tell you when your friend applies the code, and even tell you when they’ve used it, then you can see that delicious dosh already in the wallet. They’ll also get notifications from us saying that you got the payout! So you can follow up and reel in some nice IOU points.

3. You Get Some Sneaky Deets 😏

When you give a friend some free cash, you want to know what they’re spending it on, right? When your friend spends their referral credit, you’ll get a push notification telling you where they spent it, and you can do with that information what you wish (no evil please).

4. There is an Unfortunate Catch 😫

Because this change is surprisingly more complicated than it sounds, we had to make some changes to the actual architecture of Liven’s technology, this means, we really need everyone to update, and if you try to refer without updating, there will be plenty of crashes.

We wish it didn’t come to this, but it’s a bit of a toughie. You’ll see a notification asking you nicely to update, if you plan on using our new referral system, we highly recommend you do complete the update.

What else is new?

If you haven’t seen it, we’ve launched our super fun Christmas campaign for 2018, check that out in either Melbourne, or Sydney.

Peer to peer payments are nice, and now you can use them to shop for goodies! Keep your eyes peeled for this, we’ll be rolling out a whole lot more fun stuff on the Liven shop.

There's plenty more coming, so stay in touch and keep checking the newsfeed!

Happy Referring!

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