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David's Hotpot & David's Malatang

Melbourne: 279 La Trobe St | 166 Russell St
Sichuan cuisine • Spicy • Late nights

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David's Hotpot is one of Melbourne's most famous hotpot destinations for those seeking something more fiery. Lines are long and bookings are recommended – that's how you know you're onto something good.

Rich flavours, healthy produce and traditional methods form the foundation of David's Hotpot. Head chef Master Yuan has been cooking since 1994 and along the way, has picked up numerous awards, including the title of “Celebrity Chef of Sichuan Cuisine". Now, he's bringing his famous dishes here.

Begin your creation by picking a soup base. Try David's signature beef tallow base and pick between slightly, moderately or super spicy. 🔥 Or, try a split soup like below - we've got our eyes on mushroom and spicy!

What's in your bowl? Stock up on all of your favourite ingredients - like wagyu beef, lotus root, enoki, quail eggs, handmade noodles and soy bean sprouts.

Check the spread! 😍 When you head to David's, make sure you get sides. They've got super delicious dishes like soy stewed meat, steamed buns, and Sichuan style sweet potato bean curd. They're great to snack on while you wait for your hotpot to cook. 😉

Let's go get it!

50% earn rate is valid from 2:00pm 10/1/2019 until 2:00pm 17/1/2019. Earn is capped at $15 LVN per transaction.