🍔 How to: Referring Your Way to Free Food Forever! 🍻


The otherworldly goal of unlimited free food is here, and all you have to do is spam that contact list with referral codes (aka free burgers). Are you up for the challenge?

Refer your mates and they'll get LVN towards their first meal - plus - you'll be automatically rewarded with LVN once they've spent it.

Under the 'Profile' tab, tap the referral button to find your unique 6 character referral code.

This code and referral amount is unique to your account, and can be used to refer an unlimited number of friends, family or anyone else.

The Do's and Don'ts of Referral

Here are some tips and tricks to refer a friend. 🤗

The Do's

1. Share on Social Media.
A post on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat (you name it) with your code slapped on it goes a looong way. Treat your friends & followers to tasty treats whilst earning rewards - everybody's a winner here.

2. Send a Mass Message
We're guessing you wouldn't want to be that person who spams their entire contact list, but offering free food to your pals via a single message on text, Messenger, Whatsapp or Telegram is always an exception... right?

3. Set up a Gathering
While we don't endorse printing out posters of your code and slapping it on the walls of train stations, it's a great idea for all you social butterflies to set up a foodie outing with your mates. Shout them a bubble tea or icecream cone, they'll thank you and you'll cash out. 👌

The Don'ts

1. Let a Friend Ditch Your Code
Here's a big no-no – your referral won't work if your friend uses another promo code. We know that the 8bit posters offering free burgers are suuuper tempting but you'll both be unable to receive the credit if that code is used. 😧

2. Let the Code Expire
Referral Codes expire in 30 days so tell your friend to get in quick and purchase a meal! Your friend will also be reminded by us before the code expires.

So, what should I expect post-referral?

We'll do the the tough work and send out all the important notifications about what's been happening with your codes and credits post-referral.

Before you see a payout in your wallet, we'll tell you when your friend applies the code, and even tell you when they've used it. Your friend will also get a push notification that you got a payout. On top of all that, you'll also get a notification telling you where your friend spent that credit.

How does your friend use your code?

  1. Have them download Liven.
  2. Under the 'Profile' tab, tap 'Add Promo Code' and apply the referral code.
  3. Now, they can just order and hit 'Pay Now'. The credit will be applied!
  4. You'll get your credit after their first spend!

Get ready to rake in that referral cash! 😎