5 Sweet Spots for Korean Eats - Melbourne


Korean food is what we call a reaaal crowd pleaser. 👏🏼 Indulge in the best Korean eats Liven has to offer and satisfy your cravings for succulent fried chicken, KBBQ, bibimbap... you name it!

Here are the top Korean feeds that'll have your next family lunch, midnight snack runs with your pals - and literally anything in between - sorted.

Sam Sam Chicken

Melbourne: 209 Swanston Street
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If you want to satisfy your hunger with juicy fried chicken and enjoy a great selection of beer without breaking the bank, Sam Sam's got your back. This eatery is also open 'til late, so it's the perfect destination for a late-night snack run! 🍗

Seoul Soul

Melbourne: Richmond | Northcote | Emporium
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You'll find yourself feasting on Korean cuisine that's re-defined to be hip and modern at this eatery. Seoul Soul's atmosphere is vibrant, filled with neon lights and extremely instagrammable - that's always a bonus.

Oppa Kitchen

Melbourne: 271 Swanston Street
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Home to hearty, simple & cheap Korean meals, Oppa Kitchen is a go-to eatery for Korean comfort food. From bibimbap to their famous Dosirak (a meal served with your choice of meat selection), satisfy your hunger with tasty Korean meals on a budget. 🤑

Zen Charcoal BBQ

Melbourne: 306 Toorak Rd, South Yarra
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Gone are the days of debating whether you should have a KBBQ or hot pot night when making dinner plans, because Zen Charcoal BBQ specialises in both! The sleek Korean restaurant offers fresh, delicious meals with premium meat and great booze. It's the perfect destination for date nights.

NeNe Chicken

Melbourne: Box Hill | Chadstone | Elizabeth St | Fountain Gate | Highpoint Shopping Centre | Melbourne Central | Northland Shopping Centre | The Glen
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Whether you're game enough to try their "freaking spicy" fried chicken or just want to enjoy their cheesy and garlicy selection, there's a dish for everyone. Oh, and don't be fooled by the name - it's not just about fried chicken! There are also bulgogi tacos, sweet and savoury waffles, plus soft serves for dessert. Enjoy em' all on a budget.