3 Fiery Spots for Hot Pot in Melbourne 🔥


Time to pull out your Kathmandu jackets and fluffy coats... Melbourne's getting cold. ❄️ The best way to warm yourself up? Some fiery hot pot! It's a dish that's super versatile - whether you're feeling spicy or mild, veg or meat; you can build your own hot pot with whatever ingredients you fancy.

Get in the know and know your way around Melbourne's hottest hot pot joints. You'll be everyone's fave friend come winter.

David’s Hot Pot & David’s Malatang

Melbourne: 279 La Trobe St | 166 Russell St
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Prepare to be blown away by David's Hot Pot and David's Malatang's flavoursome, spicy goodness. They're home to authentic, fiery Chinese dishes and hot pot that's buuuursting with flavour! For hot pot, pick your broth (try the 'super spicy' option if you're up for a challenge!) and fill your bowl with whatever ingredients you like. At David's Hot Pot, you'll cook the ingredients on your table, giving you the most unique hot pot experience. 🔥

Dragon Hot Pot

Melbourne: Russell Street | Swanston Street | Elizabeth Street | Kingsway, Glen Waverley | QV Centre | Box Hill
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Dragon Hot Pot is a super popular eatery that's filled with people 24/7 (literally speaking). It's open 'til late, with the Russell St location open for 24 hours, making the eatery the 'it' spot to be for late night snack runs and hangover cures in the morning. You can fill your bowl with whatever ingredients you like - sausages, meatballs, noodles, tofu and more. You'll then pick your broth and let the wait staff cook the hot pot for you. Sit back – the lovely staff will bring it out when it's ready! Get pumped, these bowls are biiiiig.

Da Long Yi Hot Pot

Melbourne: 398 Elizabeth Street
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This hot pot place has gotchu when you're feeling adventurous and want to try out everything on the menu. At Da Long Yi Hot Pot, you get to pick any ingredient you want because they've got it all (they even offer 5 different types of mushrooms!) Plus, you can have two different soup bases at the same time. The 'double-flavoured soup base' is a soup base combo picked from their signature mushroom, tomato and spicy flavoured soup base selection – and it's a real crowd pleaser! 👌🏼