Earn Burgers by Gaming 🍔✨ Level Infinity is on Liven!


We at Liven aren't just here to fill your hungry bellies – we pride ourselves on being a lifestyle payment app. We're slowly expanding across miscellaneous merchants to bring you more goods; and today, we're excited to share with you who we've recently partnered with.

If You Game, You're Going To Love This.👾🎮

Level Infinity Esports Centre

Location: 1/164 Bourke Street, Melbourne

What if we told you that you can get rewarded with crypto everytime you game? We're making every gamer's dream a reality! Here at Level Infinity, you can now earn 10% LVN when you pay your bill with the Liven app. Now, when you're spending hours gaming, you don't have to feel bad because you're actually stocking up on LVN, that you can then spend on foooood. 🍔

Level Infinity Esports Centre is a gamers paradise for all noob, recreational and pro-gamers! They've got different gaming lounges starting at different price points.

At Level Infinity, quality gaming is at their utmost priority. They have great quality tech, the latest gear, fun-loving staff and exceptional service! They also have user friendly gaming interfaces!



If you love a good gaming community, Level Infinity is the place to be. They occasionally host free games, giveaways and tournaments. Be part of the community and stand a chance to win awesome goodies!

Level Infinity cares about your health and if you're worried about turning you into a couch potato, why not head upstairs, where their own gym is located. It's fully equipped with punching bags and other gear. Great to let out steam when you're losing to the final boss. 😂


Photos via Level Infinity Esports Centre

Oh and rumour has it, they've got a bubble tea cafe! 😛

Pay With Liven at Level Infinity and Earn 10% LVN – Your Digital Dining Currency.