Pokéd Care Packages

Show a little love, get a lotta love in return! ❤️

Hey, so if you are anything like us, you’ve had it with this Covid-19 thing. If you were waiting for a sign that there's light at the end of the tunnel, this is it.
You’re missing your fave bubble tea, dim-sum, dining out and more. And what about the restaurants - they are doing it tough right now! There's a long and painful road ahead for them post reopening to rebuild an industry.

So we got to thinking...

What if you could pay your love of food forward, show a little love to the places you love to eat, and get a lotta love in return? #SaveYourFaves!

Done! Today we introduced Liven Care Packages. If you grabbed say, $500 now at Pokéd, they’ve pledged to match it with another $500 when you dine with them so you've got $1,000 to eat through! So if you haven't yet had a chance to Download Liven on your phone, now would be a splendid time.

Hear below from Justin Huang, Founder and CEO of Pokéd Australia on why he believes this is so important to the business and the people behind it.

So how does it all work?

So supporting your favourite restaurant during these tough times has never been so easy. By paying for your food in advance, we guarantee that your contribution is protected by the $1 million Liven Relief Fund. Get matched up to $1 for $1 in bonus food by our proud partners and we take no cut so that every cent of your contribution hits their pockets.

And there’s nothing to worry about, you can select another restaurant from our Pledge Partners should yours shut permanently before you got your money’s worth and Liven guarantees that you do.

You’d be helping the places you love out when they need it most. And you’d be helping yourself to a whole lotta love when things get back to normal. Well, kinda normal.

So what are you waiting for? Download Liven on your phone, now is the time to jump in and take it for a spin and do your bit to help. You can have a poke around and see what's remaining without creating an account (*hint, they're selling out) and then grab some Liven Care Packages from your favourite restaurants today. They’re special and won’t be around forever - at least just until the apocalypse is over!

We’ve committed to deliver 100% of the proceeds to restaurants, no cap (or profit made). Nothing breaks our hearts more than seeing our partners toughing it out. So every little helps!

We know you must have had a million questions about Save Your Faves so check out the FAQs below or hear what our other restaurant partners have to say. If you want to learn more about why we are doing this, check it out here.

Hear from some of our founding restaurant partners  

Easy as


Do your bit and make your pledge today. Even better? Get your mates in on it and call dibs on (*some) of their bonus food. And if your fave restaurant isn’t on Liven? We've got a handy suggest a restaurant section that has every restaurant in the country to nominate, so go ahead and we'll hit them up and let you support them too.

So what are you waiting for? 💪🏻

Now is the time to jump in and do your bit to help. Download the Liven app and grab a Liven Care Package to spend at your favourite restaurant today. It’s time for us to serve the industry that has been serving us for so many years.

~ ~ ~

New to Liven? 🥑

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