Operation Serrano Hammer - Assemble Super Users, for our First Bounty Hunt!


We're in trouble friends.

Most recent reports show a sushi roll-dumpling hybrid weilding a döner kebab on Collins.

Times are grim and we need Melbourne's best eaters, heck we need their friends too!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it!

There's been a hefty food outbreak around Melbourne's CBD, and we're calling the best of the best to help out.

If you're gutsy (and hungry) enough to pledge, you'll head to venues who need your support and in addition to your usual LVN reward, you'll earn ultra-rare Liven Hero Badges which are worth 250 LVN EACH.

After gastronomical extermination is complete and the streets are safe, we'll exchange your Hero Badges for LVN as thanks for your service.

2 weeks of food-slaying badge-hunting madness.

Good luck.

For 14 days from Monday 8 October until 21 October, each transaction over $10 will get you one Liven Hero Badge - you can earn 2 per day with a maximum of 14 for the period.

Each badge will be exchanged for 250 LVN, meaning a maximum reward of 3,500 LVN (~$70AUD).

We've received reports from

  • MoVida
  • Yuzu
  • Bluetrain
  • Riverside Teppanyaki
  • Aunty Franklee
  • Massi
  • Schmucks Bagels
  • Home Juice and Salad Bar
  • Cafe Blush
  • Chilli India
  • Infinity Lounge
  • The Poke Man
  • La Camera

Restaurant staff and owners have been brainwashed by the villainous food (we think it's the anchovies) and are unaware of the outbreak - you are the quiet heroes, thank you.

If you'd like to pledge your muncher and help clear out Melbourne's CBD food-monster crisis we thank you, but this bounty has finished, catch you in the next one!

Want to meet other bounty hunters?

Although we trust you'll do fine work in exterminating food-monsters over the next couple of weeks, word is there'll be more.

To prepare for the worst (or the best excuse to eat you've ever had) we're uniting the best of the best in Liven's Snack Squad.

Make some new foodie comrades and get the latest news - join Liven's Snack Squad today.

Thanks for your support!

psst - if you're curious about what all this is, this was Liven's first bounty campaign, part of a series of quests rewarding LVN for action! There's an intro post here and you can join the conversation about LVN in our telegram here. See you around!